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“The probability of early death increases by 26% with loneliness and by 29% with social isolation”, according to a study in psychology from Brigham Young University. With covid-19 people are being isolated in their homes, and recent surveys clearly show how this has already increased anxiety and stress. This is expected to continue also in the aftermath of the pandemic. The social recession will impact the mental health of the population, with increasing depressions and suicides, as evidenced by the SARS epidemic, with a 30% increase in suicides in the 65+ age group, according to the BBC News. During self-isolation, most people go through different emotional stages. The symptoms, the order and the length of the phases may vary, but in general it starts with disbelief and anxiety when facing the crisis. Then people often feel frustrated and uncertain as they need to adjust to the new normal. There is then generally a move into boredom and loneliness. Finally, some people start fearing that life will never come back to normal and fall into a feeling of despair, while others move on. Symphony of a Dark Box consists of four movements, showing the emotions that many people go through in such circumstances; From denial, through frustration and loneliness, to despair. Concept, Image, Sound, Edit: Anne-Sylvie Bonnet. Dancer, Improvisation: Anais Touret.